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Des rires aux éclats

A journalist, a communications advisor at the Ministry of Defense.

She dreams of love, him to succeed.

They seem to have nothing to do together.

And yet.

« Laughter with laughter » is a story of love, stories of love.

It's a story of friends.

A family story.

« Laughter with laughter » is also your story.



Nausicaa Ferro is accompanied by: Roman Moisy, Marion Pejon in the role of Frédérique, Julien Garcia in the role of Adam, Cyrille Andrieu-Lacu in the role of Frédéric, Laure Haulet in the role of Ariane, Christophe Bizet Clément, Naline in the role of Etienne. Some of the atmospheres and sound effects were realized and made available by Joseph Sardin on his website  http://lasonotheque.org .

Graduated in 2007 from a Master of Political Science, Nausicaa Ferro works in audiovisual production before realizing in 2013 a photographic reportage in Maori school in New Zealand. Then Nausicaa made radio, she worked as a journalist for Radio France until 2016. From there was born a desire to make a sound work mixing narration of an original text, music, sound effects and acting. Passionate about travel, history, politics, psychology, cinema and music, she incorporates her favorite references to this story.


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