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Le développement durable de soi-même

The sustainable development of the planet is today one of the most treated subjects, but why neglect its own sustainable development while we are all part of this planet.

Saving paper is praiseworthy but it is necessary in parallel to make the economy of the human.

The company will promote appearing at the expense of being. We need to understand how we function.


Pascale Etchebarne began her professional career in 1990 in various hospital services (neurology, palliative care, surgery). She moved into the field of prevention and joined the occupational health services for 15 years, during which time she became Sophrologist and life coach, certified RNCP. Faced with the growing pressure and the collective quest for well-being, she settled as a liberal and accompanies individuals in individual sessions, but also as a specialized trainer on the awareness and information of the teams on the techniques of stress management and being able to make emotion a tool of success in the realization of oneself.

1- What is our physiological function – The role of adrenaline and cortisol.

2- How to optimize the functioning of our body.

3- Tools and methods. drill



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